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About the farm

You’ll find us in a small hamlet on the edge of a small village in the heart of the Bretagne countryside. Far from big cities and bright lights, fast food and faster cars.

Once a hive of activity, but left vacated for a decade, the farm has fallen into disrepair. Fields sold to neighbours, buildings slowly decaying, undergrowth thickening.

However, it’s an exciting next chapter in the farm’s story. Reusing many materials and drawing from its past, our aim is to achieve self-sufficiency without breaking the bank.

We’ll use the skills we have and learn new ones. We’ll do much of the work ourselves and build a comfortable home to share with guests.

The farmers



our Past

Through a mutual appreciation of R.E.M. we met in the late 90s in our hometown of Northampton, England. After university we bought a house, a car and worked regular jobs.

Emily was a primary teacher, Iain a web and radio producer. She is vegetarian, so now is he. We had a great bunch of friends, kept an allotment, lived frugally and worked as hard as we could to get by.

And after nearly 20 years on the treadmill we were already broken. Fed up of being overworked and underpaid, stressed and frustrated, always busy yet achieving little. It was time to pause, reflect and act.

our Future

We don’t want to shun the modern world, but we do want to nudge our direction of travel within it. Change our priorities to find health, wealth and happiness in alternative ways.

It’s important we can live true to our beliefs. Use the skills we’ve gained and have the time and space to learn more. To take care of ourselves and the planet, and share our good fortune with others.

So we’re betting it all on a smallholding in France. Our chance to build a sustainable, low-impact future. To live a life without disposable and unnecessary consumerism. To be the change we want to see in the world.


1 Chef de Ville, 56490
Ménéac, France

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