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A Patio
Our newly-built herb garden felt adrift from the house. It needed a new connection.

by Iain
on 14th September 2019

While the farm has always seemed like home to us, we recognise it’s not always been the most appealing place to arrive at. We were lucky enough to see past the mould and rubble and envisage the home we wanted to own, not the one we did, but it wasn’t alway easy.

Last year I built the herb garden in the small area outside the front of the kitchen and over the past 12 months it has developed into a lovely, productive space.

While brilliant, of course, it annoyingly felt a little disconnected from the house because the original pathway cut between the two.

So I wanted to join the spaces and make it feel more like a garden than a walkway.

As the herb garden used wooden decking, it made sense to do the same to form the patio. This would help with the concrete foundations around the house as well, as I couldn’t dig too deep.

To get an even level I removed the old tar path that had been laid . The original drop of the ground was steeper than I wanted the new level to be, so I built up with sand to form a step.

The wooden tiles were screwed together with brackets and laid flat. To give them a stand-out finish, I decided to position the tiles at a 45 degree angle to the house wall.

To fill the resulting gaps we added gravel and to help soften the appearance Emily planted some alpine plants and ornamental grasses in the triangular spaces.

The result is we now have a more welcoming entrance to the house as well as a better connection between the house and the herb garden (and yes, the shed still needs painting in the background.


Got any questions you’d like to know about the build? Want to know more about how we did this? Just have a general comment? Please leave a message below, we’d love to hear from you.


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